Is there any warranty on these sunglasses?

Yes, the manufacturer offers a one year long warranty against defects or damages in workmanship or materials on all their products from the date of purchase. ‘Change of mind’ or improper fit is not covered by this warranty. Defective or damaged merchandise are products that have noticeable workmanship or material defects that don’t occur by standard usage. See return/exchange information further down.

We also offer a 90 day “Wear N Tear coverage that is applicable to any cracks, snaps, scrapes and breaks caused due to wear & tear. Go through the ‘Wear N Tear coverage section below.

What is the Wear N Tear Coverage?

It is good that you asked about this. It is quite frustrating when someone finally buys an exquisite pair of wooden sunglasses, only to run the same with their car or sit on them – people will find it surprising to know how often they break their sunglasses accidentally. Wear and tear damages are usually what people face most often. So when they send an email to us explaining their fairy tales of damaged sunglasses, we were only able to feel sorry for them. In such cases, we decided to go beyond our boundaries to give them some discounts for making them happy. At last, we discussed about this issue and came up with this ‘Wear N Tear coverage’. This coverage is meant to give a certain percentage off to customers who accidentally damage or break their sunglasses within 90 days of purchase. We always want to see our customers happy, while are styled in their new wooden sunglasses.

Can I buy gift cards?

Not at the moment. However, you may be able to buy Gift Cards from us in the near future. We have been planning to delight our customers with Gift Cards in the form of digital codes. Customers can opt for receiving these codes themselves, or send the same to someone else through an email. Keep visiting our website to stay informed about Gift Cards.

What kind of lenses is used in your line of sunglasses?

It is pretty basic that all the sunglasses that are available at www.wearcareworld.com come with UVA/UVB lenses with Polarized filters. Also, these lenses are chosen due to their excellent optical clarity, anti-glaucoma properties and impact resistance. The ability of these lenses to eliminate glare can make the colors vibrant and improve sharpness.

Why do I need to bother about polarized lenses?

Polarized lenses are suitable for people who wear wooden sunglasses outdoors. Polarizer filters in the sunglasses can eliminate reflective (windows, car hoods, water, etc…) and atmospheric glare. People who wear such lenses can notice a big change in terms of glare. These lenses can also improve sharpness as well as color vibrancy. These lenses are very popular among skiers, fishermen, boaters and drivers in terms of everyday use.

What kinds of materials are used in the making of these sunglasses?

The manufacturer feels proud for providing ethically sourced and sustainable raw materials. Majority of the sunglasses we sell are made using wood that is from certified managements and plantations. However, we strive to get wood that could be repurposed or the one that falls from trees. Keep reading to know more about the materials used in the manufacturing process.

Bamboo: This fast-growing plant will be harvested when it is mature and the culms reach the greatest strength. This is because; doing so can make sure that the Bamboo cultivation has no negative impacts on species that rely on this plant for nourishment. The Bamboo used for making our sunglasses come in both stained and natural colors.

Ebony: It is well-known for its durability due to its texture. Native to parts of Africa, India and Indonesia, Ebony is quite similar to Zebrawood in terms of appearance. This is because; both Zebrawood and Ebony have elegantly alternating patterns. However, Ebony is slightly darker with more black and brown tones.

Maple wood: the Maple wood used for making the sunglasses that are available on our website will be in the form skateboard laminate. It is durable and abundant in Canada and Georgia. Maple is ideal for polishing and staining, as it has an unwavering grain.

Rosewood: This is a high-quality, good-looking wood that is generally used for making high-class furniture. Products made using rosewood usually have a smooth surface. Such kind of wood can be found in regions where the climate is tropical. Apart from furniture production, this type of wood is used for manufacturing floorings, musical instruments and boats.

Are your sunglasses heavier than the traditional ones?

Glad you asked! We have seen a lot of people being surprised when they find that wooden sunglasses are a light lighter than the regular ones. Wooden sunglasses hug people’s head, while fitting them better than other types of sunglasses.

How long will the wooden or bamboo sunglasses last?

It completely depends on how people treat them. On the whole, people don’t have much to do to hurt the wooden sunglasses. Though, wooden eyewear is durable, they tend to break when someone sits on them accidentally. Wooden sunglasses are made using cross and multi-grain layered hardwoods and durable bamboo that are selected for their visual and long lasting characteristics. Eyewear from Wear Care World is made for lasting for as long as people maintain them. Also, people should follow a few tips to preserve and maintain their wooden sunglasses:

To get the best from their purchase, it is recommended that people don’t leave their sunglasses in severe cold or hot temperatures. This is due to the reason that leaving the sunglasses in extreme temperatures can affect their protective coating. Sunglasses should always be stored in hard tubes or soft pouches. To avoid scratches, lenses should be cleaned with suede material or microfiber. Moreover, people should use both their hands to remove their sunglasses, as using one hand may put excessive pressure on the hinges.

Are these sunglasses waterproof?

Of course, yes! And most sunglasses can float on water. That being said, people should keep their sunglasses dry when possible. In case, the sunglasses get wet, they should be dried off. If people accidentally drop their sunglasses in saltwater, they should rinse their glasses with fresh water as soon as they can.

Sustainable – What do you mean?

It means that the raw materials are carefully and sustainably sourced from managements and plantations from different parts of the world. This means; when the wood or Bamboo becomes mature, they will be cut & replanted for continuing the cycle. Besides the manufacturer being certified, all their material suppliers have been certified. The manufacturer ensures that their resources are from managed forests that are bound by a few industry standards.

What type of payment does Wear Care World accept?

Wear Care World gladly accepts major cards like Discover, American Express, MasterCard, and Visa or direct payments. These services will automatically encrypt customers’ confidential information using the SSL or Secure Sockets Layer.SSL is the highest security level available.

Do you have issues with your payment through credit cards? This happens at times when the shipping and billing addresses are not the same. Customers should contact their credit providers to get assistance. While using a MasterCard or Visa gift card, transactions may decline. This is because; the card might not have an associated billing address. Card holders may not have control over this part, so they should call their credit providers.


  • There maybe times that you are responsible for paying duties, taxes, applicable customs fees, and return
    shipping separate from merchandise cost.
  • Orders are usually processed and shipped in same business day; exceptions are only for extenuating
    circumstances. Orders placed on Friday after 12am EST will be processed Monday.
  • Please allow 4-6 business days for shipping transit time within the continental United States. For faster
    shipping time, please choose the expedited shipping option( See the shipping options).
  • Tracking information will be shown on your account.

How long will you take to deliver my order from the date of purchase?

Once an order is placed, customers will receive a confirmation via email. Normally, orders will be dispatched within 4-6 business days. Customers will receive their orders anytime between 2 to 3 weeks or sooner

What is Wear Care World’s return and exchange policy?

Wear Care World accepts returns and exchanges within 2 weeks of receipt of orders. It only accepts returns and exchanges on unworn sunglasses purchased from www.wearcareworld.com with purchase proof. All the items from the original shipment should be returned by the customers. Customers will have to bear the return shipping charges. On the other hand, Wear Care World will bear the shipping charges for exchanges.

Manufacturing defects include lenses popping out and defective hinges. Scratched lenses and broken frames due to usage are not included in manufacturing defects. In such cases, customers can refer to Wear Care World’s ‘Wear N Tear coverage’. Wear Care World will happily replace the products in case of manufacturing defects or damages within 90 days of purchase.

How should I send a return order back to you?

You can send your return order by any method you want. However, we suggest that you opt for a method which will give you a tracking number. Wear Care World will assume no responsibility for returned items that are damaged or lost during transit.

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