Terms and Conditions


Welcome to wearcareworld.com, an online store operated by Wear Care World. This document represents a legally-binding agreement regulating the terms of offering our service. Throughout the document, words”wearcareworld.com,” “we,” “our,” and “us,” refer to us, Wear Care World, or our online store, wearcareworld.com, as is fitting in the milieu of the use of the words.

Service Description

Using our site, wearcareworld.com, customers can buy the latest products and unique wooden accessories. While purchasing products through Wear Care World, people help the world by using eco-friendly products.

Information Provided

To place orders with us, customers should give us their names, mailing address and other relevant information. In addition to giving the above information to us, customers should be 18 years old or above for signing up for our services.


Payment for your orders can be made by Credit Cards. If the person who places an order is not the actual cardholder, he or she has to be authorized by the actual cardholder.

“Wear Care World” is a unique trademark. Others can’t use this trademark, copyrighted content, or the feel and appearance of our site, without our written consent.

Order Cancellation

Customers agree that WCW may cancel orders that they make with the Wear Care World at any time, without warning, compensation or any reason, except for charges paid for products not shipped by WCW, even if the company has been advised that customers or other parties bear the loss.


Customers should not assign their obligations and rights under the agreement to third parties without an explicit, written consent from us. Wear Care World may assign its obligations and/or rights under the agreement to third parties at its discretion.


Customers may buy products offered on our site by filling the order form available on the site. To purchase items via our site, the information that customers provide should be complete and accurate. Customers agree to deal with Wear Care World in good faith, while complying with applicable rules.

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