Wooden Sunglasses – Stylish Accessories with Eco-Friendly Benefits

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Stylish Wooden SunglassesNow more than ever, people have started to realize the benefits of leading an eco-friendly lifestyle. The practice of recycling and reusing are being followed all over the world. Consumers discovered the advantages of organic produce. So, it is only understandable if this hot trend will also extend to your favorite sunglasses. This doesn’t just sound great for they also look great at the same time!

The wooden sunglasses are the current trend in the world of eye accessories. Instead of the traditional plastic frames, this newest product line makes use of wood for framing the lenses. With the use of products from nature itself, the sunglasses are not just friendly to the environment but are stylish, classy and fashionable as well.
But, will these wooden sunglasses be as equally good as the standard eyeglasses you’ve been used to?

For starters, these sunglasses made from wood are crafted in the similar design and style as your favorite standard sunglasses. Their frames have been made from various types of wood, although the most usual one is bamboo as it is easily harvested and common.

One of the biggest advantages of bamboo frames is that these have the ability to float. Other great options for wood frames are zebrano, rosewood, ebony and walnut. There are actually numerous choices and they all vary depending on your preference in style and color. You see, the options in frames are as equally individualized as the conventional plastic frames.

What about the lenses then? Would these be as good? Many wooden sunglasses include the similar lens options that can be found anywhere. You can opt for polarized lenses which can get rid of the glare reflected by the sun on surfaces like water and glass. You can also go for the standard lenses which offer UVB/UVA protection.

How about caring for sunglasses made from wood? The wooden sunglasses can be considered as a one of a kind piece of art where every piece is crafted especially just for you. You need to care for them in the same way that you look after other wooden possessions. If there is any wood lightening, you can make use of wax and oil to bring back the shine and luster of your frames.

Is it easy to find these wooden sunglasses and will they fit your budget? Back in the days, these sunglasses made from wood were only available in eco-friendly stores and boutiques but as time passed by and with it being featured in many shows, the demand has skyrocketed. Today, you can find them anywhere you look with price tags that suit every budget.

If you are someone concerned and committed to helping conserve the planet’s natural resources or maybe you want to keep up with the hottest fashion trends of today, then, you will never go wrong with wooden frame sunglasses. Classy, stylish and affordable, these sunglasses exude a unique beauty that you cannot simply find in other eyewear made from other types of materials. Do yourself and the planet a favor and get one today!

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